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Product Code: PX-1C

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Colour: Dark Wood

Guarantee: 12 Years
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x Pyrexx Smoke Alarm PX-1C Dark Wood

Pyrexx Smoke Alarm PX-1C Dark Wood

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Pyrexx Smoke Alarm PX-1C Dark Wood
  • CE according to DIN EN 14604, ROHS, German TUV

  • Made in Germany

  • Maximum 12 years of battery life (lithium)

  • Bi-sensor processor technology (smoke + heat)

  • Certified magnetic carrier system with special adhesive gel pad

  • Maximum false alarm protection

  • Kitchen suitable (Condensation Barriers)

  • Insect Shield 

  • Alarm signal > 85 dB

  • max. 60 m² detection range

  • Large and simple to use Test/Stop button (78 cm²)

  • No battery change neccessary

  • Intelligent software analysis of sensor readings (Processor technology)

  • Cyclical genuine self-test function

  • Help signal (e.g. low battery status or contamination)


Radio Linked Smoke Alarms

The wireless networking of smoke alarms has the advantage that even great distances can be securely bridged. Thanks to wireless networking you are no longer only dependent upon the acoustic signal from the smoke alarm, as information and signals can be passed from wireless smoke alarm to wireless smoke alarm. Via our PX-iP internet gateway we allow you to connect an additional, online security component.

Modular Design

The modular design of the device makes it possible to separate the PX-1C smoke alarm into housing and electronics without any problem. Should just the casing become damaged, our service team can restore the smoke alarm back to its original condition in a very economical and environmentally-friendly way.


Due to the modern Magnetic Gel Pad system the PX-1C smoke alarm can be simply and quickly installed without the need for drilling or other time-consuming installation work. Conventional mounting of the device with the aid of drilling is possible and this does not bring any disadvantages for the maintenance of the device.

The PX-1 conforms to the Europe-wide standard DIN EN 14604 and is certified by renowned test institutes such as TÜV/Kriwan.

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