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Colour: Silver - Navy Blue - Silver

Guarantee: 12 Years
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x Pyrexx Smoke Alarm PX-1 Silver/Navy

Pyrexx Smoke Alarm PX-1 Silver/Navy

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Pyrexx Smoke Alarm PX-1 Silver/Navy

The Best Long–Term Smoke Alarm Device
The PX-1 is a long-term smoke alarm with a non-removable Lithium battery that has a life span of 12 years. This means that you no longer have to worry about annoying and expensive battery replacements, this helps us contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Under normal conditions of use and maintenance Pyrexx offer a warranty of 12 years on the battery and also the electronics. The PX-1 has a sensor controlled safety mechanism where an alarm is triggered when there are significant signs of fire, Pyrexx products achieve the highest false alarm protection.

Certified Adhesive Gel-Pad Installation
Every Pyrexx Smoke Alarm includes a magnetic carrier system with a special adhesive Gel-Pad, with this unique and certified installation method you can securely install all Pyrexx smoke alarms to any ceiling structure or finish. You can also mount the device using screws and these are included in the pack. 

Beautiful Individual Design
Pyrexx quality smoke alarms combine modern electronics with innovative features along with absolute reliability and timeless design. The casing design has no unnecessary exterior elements such as special probes or LED lights, the complete casing functions as the Test / Stop button which can be easily and quickly reached in case of an alert.

Only Pyrexx products can be visually customized to everyone’s aesthetical preferences – the cover can be removed and then painted or wall papered and then replaced once dry, our smoke alarms can therefore be adapted perfectly to everyone’s individual design concepts.


  • Suitable for Installations complying to BS5839-6: 2013 Grade F

  • CE according to DIN EN 14604, ROHS, German TUV

  • Made in Germany

  • Maximum 12 years of battery life (lithium)

  • Bi-sensor processor technology (smoke + heat)

  • Certified magnetic carrier system with special adhesive gel pad

  • Maximum false alarm protection

  • Kitchen suitable (Condensation Barriers)

  • Insect Shield 

  • Alarm signal > 85 dB

  • max. 60 m² detection range

  • Large and simple to use Test/Stop button (78 cm²)

  • No battery change necessary

  • Intelligent software analysis of sensor readings (Processor technology)

  • Cyclical genuine self-test function

  • Help signal (e.g. low battery status or contamination)


new-pdf-5.jpg  Operating Manual - PX-1
new-pdf-5.jpg  Technical Specification - PX-1
new-pdf-5.jpg  Overview of Signals & Alarms - PX-1
new-pdf-5.jpg  Overview of Deactivation & Warranty - PX-1
new-pdf-5.jpg  Pyrexx Product Overview
new-pdf-5.jpg  Pyrexx Product Brochure

Modern Technology in Smoke Alarms

The electronics in the PX-1 smoke alarm combines the traditional optical smoke detection with a modern analysis of temperature changes within the monitoring radius of the smoke alarm. Both sensor values are constantly recorded and analysed by a processor developed especially for the PX-1 smoke alarm. Due to this double safety mechanism an alarm is only triggered when there are tangible signs of a fire.

Modular Design

The modular design of the device makes it possible to separate the PX-1 smoke alarm into housing and electronics without any problem. Should just the casing become damaged, our service team can restore the smoke alarm back to its original condition in a very economical and environmentally-friendly way.


Due to the modern Magnetic Gel Pad system the PX-1 smoke alarm can be simply and quickly installed without the need for drilling or other time-consuming installation work. Conventional mounting of the device with the aid of drilling is possible and this does not bring any disadvantages for the maintenance of the device.