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x Pyrexx PX-iP Internet Gateway Wifi Bridge

Pyrexx PX-iP Internet Gateway Wifi Bridge

Product Description

Product Data

The Pyrexx Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System embeds PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms in a network of devices that communicate with each other. Therefore it opens new horizons in modern fire protection. The base component of the system is the PX-iP Internet Gateway, which integrates into your home Wi-Fi network and connects all of the linked smoke alarms to the internet.

On vacation, during the commute to work or in the garden: The Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System from Pyrexx reliably keeps you informed about the security status of your home, regardless of where you are. The PX-iP interconnects the PX-1C Smoke Alarms with the internet through Wi-Fi or LAN cable. The gateway can be easily and intuitively configured and controlled by using the Pyrexx Web-App.

An emergency power supply and the integrated SIM card ensure proper functionality even if there are internet connection problems. The Pyrexx Web-App is free of charge for nonprofessional users and presents itself in an attractive and user-friendly design.

Optional Gateway-to-Gateway Network Solutions for Large Housing Complexes

Provided that integrated fire alarm systems are not mandatory, the PX-iP Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm System serves for early and reliable fire detection. Ideal applications are e.g. apartment buildings, residential establishments, assisted living, day-care centres or container accommodation units.

For large-scale applications, multiple PX-iP Internet Gateways can be networked with each other. The Pyrexx Web-App assists service providers with the intuitive configuration of the PX-iP Internet Gateway.

Product Characteristics

Pyrexx Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm Systems' functions and features:

  • Alarm forwarding per SMS or email: 24 hours a day

  • In case of an alarm, the system displays the precise location, temperature specification as well as information about the affected room

  • Further Status information includes smoke density, contamination, battery status as well as the signal strength of the networked PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms

  • Configuration using the browser-based Pyrexx Web-App

  • Optimal operational safety through emergency power supply and integrated SIM card that provides sufficient free data volume (Data volume for use within the EU, can optionally be upgraded)

  • PX-iP Internet Gateways include a networking function

  • Each gateway can connect a maximum number of 45 PX-1C Smoke Alarms to the internet

  • PX-iP Internet Gateways are maintenance free

  • Phone call alarm notifications available as an upgradable feature

  • Wireless networking with the PX-1C Radiolink Smoke Alarms

  • Frequency: 868.3 MHz in accordance with R&TTE directive

  • Data encryption: AES256

  • Transmission paths 400 m (± 10 %) in the open field

  • Maximum number of interconnected PX-1C Smoke alarms: 45

  • Gateway-to-Gateway network

  • LAN, Wi-Fi according to IEEE 802.11b/g/n and GSM (backup)

  • Software can be updated

  • 32-bit processor

  • Operation using the browser-based Pyrexx Web App

  • Scope of delivery includes USB power unit, USB cable and LAN cable