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x BURGprotect Water Sensor Flood Alarm Water 2060

BURGprotect Water Sensor Flood Alarm Water 2060

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BURGprotect Water Sensor Flood Alarm Water 2060

Water damage occurs every 30 seconds

Leaking washing machine, groundwater in the basement, heavy rain or a burst pipe: water can cause significant damage in your home. Statistically every 30 seconds water damage occurs.  To make sure damage is minimised the Water 2060 water alarm immediately alerts you to the ingress of water via the BURGprotect smart home system.

Water 2060 – Easy installation, ready to use

The Water 2060 overflow alarm and water intrusion detector informs you when water is detected by a notification on your smartphone. An alarm signal will also sound from the Base 2200 control unit. Installation of the Smart Home component is extremely easy – just remove the battery strip and the Water 2060 is ready for use. The self-adhesive transmitter and receiver can be placed into the desired position. The sensors can also be fixed with a screw.

Water detector for your Smart Home system

If the water detector senses moisture (for example on the floor of the laundry room or under the dishwasher) a signal is sent to the base unit and an alarm is triggered. In order to register the water detector with the Base 2200 hub, simply scan the QR code printed on the sensor via the BURGprotect app. The sensor is now registered in your Smart Home system.

Long range, long battery life

A 50 metre range ensures the wireless sensor will operate from the basement and thanks to the energy-saving technology the water sensor offers a long battery life. A low battery warning LED illuinates when the battery requires replacement ensuring the Smart Home system always remains ready for use.

Water detector Water 2060 at a glance

  • Alarm message if the water level is too high
  • Ideal for securing your own home
  • Suitable as overflow alarm (rainwater) or water intrusion detector (basement)
  • Low battery message
  • Compatible with the entire BURGprotect series
  • Batteries included
Operating voltage DC 1,5V
Max. power input  1 x CR2032 (3V)
Max. operating current 55~65 mA
Max. standby 9,5~11 μA
Max. range outside 200 m*
Max. range inside 50 m*
Transmission frequency                433,92 MHz
Working temperature 3 °C bis 40 °C
Weight 44 g (inkl. battery)
Dimensions 80 x 38 x 13 mm (H x W x D)


*Varies greatly depending on environmental factors