Burg Wachter Outdoor Key Safe 10SB

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Burg Wachter Outdoor Key Safe 10SB 

Key Safe: Easy and central access

The key safe from Burg Wachter offers a secure stowage place for keys as well as for other small and valuable objects. It provides an easy and central access for changing groups of people like mechanics, nursing services, service companies, holiday visitors or for vehicle renting.

With the integrated key hook or a magnetic key ring holder, keys can neatly be stored and organised.

KEY SAFE 10 SB: With one integrated key hook. Offers room for keys with a length up to 7 cm.

KEY SAFE 20 SB: With one magnetic key ring holder. Prepared for keys with a length up to 12 cm.

Resistant casing

The key safe consists of a highly resistant zinc die-cast – this optimally protects your keys from burglary. This small safe is prepared for assembly indoors as well as for the weather protected outdoor area.

Individually adjustable combination

Out of 10,000 free and resettable combinations, you can choose and adjust your very own 4-digit access code. The “0-0-0-0” auto stop (clear snap) when entering your code, eases the opening even under bad light conditions.
Please note: In order to lock the safe correctly, the top case needs to latch in and the code number wheels need to be changed!

  • Secure storage for keys and other valuables

  • Easy and controlled access for service companies, car rental, care personnel, tourists etc.

  • Very strong zinc die-cast body

  • 4-digit, individually adjustable combination

  • 000 resettable combinations

  • “0-0-0-0” auto stop aids opening in poor light

  • For wall mounting indoors or protected outdoor areas

  • KEY SAFE 10 SB:

    integrated key hook

    Maximum key length 7 cm

  • KEY SAFE 20 SB:

    magnetic key ring holder

    Maximum key length 12 cm


Article    H x W x D     Max. key length
     mm     cm




 61 x 85 x 39



KEY SAFE 20 SB    83 x 135 x 46