Burg Wachter Milano Letterbox White 843 W

Product Description

Product Data

Burg Wachter MIlano Letterbox White 843 W

  • Dimensions H 488mm x H 352mm x D182mm

  • Postal Slot W 267mm x H 30mm

  • EN 13724 checked

  • Luxury design

  • Hinged insertion-roof

  • Integrated post and newspaper compartment

  • Comfort-depth

  • Opening stop

  • Integrated interior lighting

  • Very good protection for post and newspapers

(*just valid for the stainless steel-version)

Double functionality with the Milano letterbox

The innovative Milano letter box combines two compartments under one hinged roof. Here, your post is not only optimally protected from weather, your newspapers and magazines are also in a secure compartment.

Enough space for your post with convenient comfort-depth

This letter box is unique in that it has two compartments instead of one which allows perfect storage for all of your post. Due to the comfort-depth, there is more than enough space for letters, newspapers and other deliveries.

Other advantages such as the built-in opening stop, the insertion format DIN C4 and the standardly integrated interior light enhance the ease of loading and unloading the letter box.
The Milano is EN 13724 checked.

Galvanised Steel

The steel material of the Milano is all-over galvanised and powder coated to ensure that the steel as well as your post has optimal protection against moisture.

Care tip: Clean your BURG-WACHTER letter box regularly with a clean, wet cloth.

Recommendation for mounting

BURG-WACHTER recommends that you mount your Milano with the help of the included material in a weather protected area. It should ideally not be exposed to permanent and direct weather. Even though the inside is protected from wind and weather, this way, the letter box will keep its durability.
If you want to freely mount your Milano at an individual place, a matching letter box stand can be purchased separately.