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Colour: Stainless Steel

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x Burg Wachter Borkum Fence Post Box Stainless Steel 3878Ni

Burg Wachter Borkum Fence Post Box Stainless Steel 3878Ni

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Burg Wachter Borkum Fence Post Box - Stainless Steel 3878Ni

  • Simple, spacious letter box for fence fixing

  • Made of rustproof stainless steel

  • Conforms EN 13724

  • Horizontal format

  • With rear insertion flap

  • Provided with a transparent protective varnish

  • With opening stop

  • Insertion format DIN C4

    (W x H: 333 x 34 mm)

  • Measurements H x W x D: 322 x 362 x 100 mm

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The high-quality stainless steel Borkum Letter Box: Spacious and weatherproof

Mount your letter box practically to your fence. This way, you make it more convenient for you and the postman. 

Elegant, practical design

Apart from the pleasing appearance of the stainless steel material, the letter box for fence fixing is designed in a simple and minimalistic way.
Next to the appealing design, the Borkum also offers practical features: The large body offers a lot of space for post and newspapers. The rear insertion slot ensures easy and convenient insertion and the integrated opening stop eases collecting your post.

Rustproof stainless steel material

The refined material is especially suitable for letter boxes for outdoor mounting.
Stainless steel is very hard-wearing against weather, more than easy to care for and thus durable. Additionally, the body is provided with an all-over protective varnish – for double resistance against weather.
For care, simply wipe regularly with a wet, clean cloth. This way the fence letter box will serve you well for a long time.


Simply adjust the letter box to your fence – with only a few small drill holes.

Info: All fence letter boxes are also suitable for mounting at the inside surface of the door and are thus usable as a “through the wall” letter box. The insertion flap on the backside can easily be removed.