Padlocks - Key and Combination

Product Range

Padlocks come in many shapes, sizes and colours with varying levels of security and functionality. We stock a complete range of padlocks that cater for almost any situation, these include keyed alike padlocks, high security padlocks, weatherproof padlocks and general purpose padlocks at very affordable prices. Our high security padlocks include sold secure locks which also come with a 10 year guarantee.

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Digital Combination Padlocks

High Security Toughened Padlocks

Long Shackle Padlocks - Brass and Steel

Water Tight Weatherproof Padlocks

General Purpose Brass and Steel Padlocks

Open Shackle Brass and Steel Padlocks

Closed Shackle High Security Padlocks

Stainless Steel Hardened Discus Padlocks

Suited and Keyed Alike Padlocks

Seawater and Rust Proof Padlocks

Travel and Suitcase Padlocks

Novelty and Picture Padlocks