Keilbach Bravissimo Door Mats and Rugs

Product Range

The Keilbach Bravissimo doormat is relentless toward dirt and moisture and enhances any entrance area. It is so flat, that it allows most doors to be opened smoothly. Its firm PVC-back protects effectively from moisture from below and ensures that the mat lies flat without moving or bending even on very smooth surfaces.  The Bravissimo's are also machine washable and available in two different sizes and seven beautiful colors. The Keilbach Bravissimo has a “Welcome-Button” made from stainless steel in the size of a 2-Euro coin and a label with the Keilbach logo. Both, button and label can be removed easily if required.

For more information the Keilbach Bravissimo Doormats please call: 0844 800 0841